Aus-Pakistan terrorism deal

The understanding covers law enforcement, intelligence, security and border controls.

General Musharraf, who is in Australia for a three-day visit officially met Mr Howard in Canberra today to witness the signing and discuss trade issues.

General Musharraf is the first Pakistani head of state to visit Australia.

Prime Minister Howard said “I’ve told the President how much I personally, and the Australian Government, admires his courageous participation and that of his country in the fight against terrorism.”

“He himself has survived two assassination attempts. It’s a measure of the danger he has exposed himself to in participating in that fight,” he said.

During his talks with Mr Howard, General Musharraf asked for
Australian assistance to help Pakistan exploit its extensive mineral resources, as well as to develop food processing industries.

“We highlighted specially the issue of agriculture, dairy farming, livestock farming, mineral development, as areas of focus where Australia could assist Pakistan, General Musharraf said.

He has invited Prime Minister Howard to visit Pakistan as part of an attempt to open a new era in relations with Australia.

In an address to the National Press Club, General Musharraf pledged
his commitment to peace and harmony between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan was working to resolve the bloody insurgency through
conflict resolution and confidence building, he said.

“We have to reach a resolution to the Kashmir dispute which is
acceptable to India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir,” he said.

Despite his commitment to a peaceful resolution, General Musharraf
doubted the region would ever be totally free of conflict.

“I believe that we cannot expect total peace and harmony even
after we have reached a resolution of the dispute. It will gradually die down, but this has gone on now for 17 years,” he said.

General Musharraf urged Australia to agitate for a solution to the Kashmir problem.

“I would ask the world community and Australia, you can play a role in urging both parties to reach a resolution on this issue,” he said.